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New vs Refurbished AED Defibrillator Machine

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Should I buy New or Refurbished AED Defibrillator Machine?

Philips HS1 HeartStart AED Machine
Philips HS1 HeartStart AED Machine

Cost is one of the main decision making factor in the purchase of a brand new AED defibrillator machine vs a refurbished or used one. There are situations where buying a used or refurbished AED machines may seem like a smart and cost-effective solution compared to buying a new AED unit. In this blog post, we’ll outline the factors you should consider before making a purchase decision.

AED Manufacturer Warranty:

If you’re looking to buy a used or refurbished AED, be sure to check manufacturer warranty. When purchased new, an AED machines has few years covered by the manufacturer warranty. The warranty is not always transferable, and in some cases it will only cover the original purchaser. Typical warranty coverage ranges from five to eight years. All refurbished AED machines sold by Gulf AED comes with warranty and can be sent back to us for maintenance and repair.

AED Replacement Accessories:

If you are buying an older model of an AED machine, there is a good chance that it's manufacturer has stopped producing related accessories such as electrode pads or batteries. You may be able to find accessories for an older AED model online from aftermarket companies. Be advised when using accessories not produced by the AED manufacturer, there is always the risk of failure during a rescue due to incompatibility. At Gulf AED we only sell genuine AED Accessories.

AED Calibration Certificate:

Typically all used AED machines need to be calibrated after one year. A used or refurbished AED machines may not come with a calibration certificate and it is an additional cost that must be considered at the time of making purchase. Unlike used or refurbished AED machines, brand new AED defibrillator machine comes calibrated and will not require calibration during first year of use. At Gulf AED, we include calibration certificate with purchase of all refurbished AED machines making one less thing for you to worry about.

If you are looking to buy a brand new or a refurbished AED defibrillator machine in United Arab Emirates (UAE) or Saudi Arabia (KSA), Gulf AED offers a wide range of AED machines with best online prices. Our expert sales team can recommend the best AED machine for your need and answer all your questions. We offer FREE delivery on all orders within UAE.

For more details on international shipping to other countries in the region including Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq and Egypt, please contact us at

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