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Newport HT70 Ventilator Refurbished


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Newport HT70 Ventilator Refurbished

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Product Packaging


What's Included:

  • Charger

  • Patient Circuit

  • Oxygen Hose with 12 month warranty

Return Policy


You have 7 days to return Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished. The returns proceass requires two simple steps:

  1. Return product/s as soon as possible in the same condition as supplied in original packaging.

  2. Supply the relevant invoice.

For more details see our Store Policy page.

Shipping Details 


Gulf AED uses courier service to deliver Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished right to your door. All local UAE orders are usually delivered between 1-3 working days.

Gulf AED is Supplier of Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished in Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman & Qatar.

Note: Gulf AED only accepts online Credit Card payments from United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman & Qatar. Our International courier charges cover delivery upto door, including all local custom duties and taxes. Please contact us at for quotation, if your country is not listed above.

Brand Profile


The Newport ventilator can be used for transport, emergency and hospital ventilation for patients. The Newport ventilator offers both invasive and non-invasive options. The Newport ventilator has a design that features micro-piston technology that can eliminate the need for external compressed gas sources.

Gulf AED is a leading supplier and online retailer for Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished in Dubai (UAE). We deal in full range of Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished at lowest prices in Dubai. Buy Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished online with secure Credit Card payment and FREE delivery anywhere in UAE.

Product Overview

Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished

The Newport HT70 Ventilator - Refurbished is a flexible respiratory ventilator that is durable enough to withstand many different ventilation situations. Designed to be portable and rugged, the HT70 provides consistent ventilation during home care, transport, hospital long term care and emergency use.

With an easy-to-use color touch-screen, caregivers can easily navigate the ventilator’s many features. The HT70 offers specific screens for various applications, providing both quick default settings and customizable functions. The hot-swappable integrated battery lasts up to 10 hours, and can be easily changed without disrupting ventilation.

Features of Newport HT70 Ventilator  – Refurbished

  • On-airway flow sensor for more ventilation options — inspiratory or expiratory monitoring alarms, flow or pressure trigger.

  • Hot-swappable battery provides up to 10 hours of operation, can be changed without interrupting ventilation.

  • Battery time and cylinder use estimators provide added peace of mind during use.

  • Built-in oxygen monitoring and alarms alert users to changes or disruptions when using supplemental oxygen.

  • Full-color touch-screen is large and simple to navigate for added convenience.

  • Durable, reliable construction built to withstand a wide range of environments.

  • Efficient gas generator runs cool and quiet and provides consistent volume delivery.

  • Advanced features include alarm quickset, custom presets and custom backup ventilation.

Gulf AED offers best price for Newport HT70 Ventilator  – Refurbished


  • FREE delivery anywhere in UAE.

  • 12 Month warranty and hassle free returns.

  • Best online prices for Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished.

  • Local presence in Deira, trading hub of Dubai UAE.

Gulf AED is Supplier of Newport HT70 Ventilator – Refurbished in Abu Dhabi, Dubai (UAE), Saudi Arabia (KSA), Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman & Qatar.

Please see our store policy for more details on shipping and returns.


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