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Buying AED Defibrillator Machine in Saudi Arabia (KSA)?

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

Gulf AED has emerged as a premier supplier for AED Machines in Saudi Arabia (KSA). Find out why many reputed businesses in Saudi Arabia trust Gulf AED with their AED purchase.

Buying an AED Machine is an important decision and there are several cost implications that need to be carefully considered. This includes cost of an AED Defibrillator Machine, cost of training staff how to use AED Machine and finally cost of replacing parts such as replacement battery and electrode pads. In addition to these, finding the right vendor is crucial that can help you maintain your AED device, so it is ready to be used when you need it the most.

Gulf AED offers one stop shop for all your AED Defibrillator needs. Our online store has a wide selection of AED Machines from all major brands such as Philips, Cardiac Science, Zoll, Difibtech, HeartSine, Mediana and many more. Our sales team have extensive knowledge and happy to assist customers in selecting the right AED machine for your business. Gulf AED offers shipping to all major cities in Saudi Arabia (KSA) including; Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Medina and Mecca and our shipping cost covers all taxes and duties so there are no hidden charges or last minute surprises.

Best selling AED Machines in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

AED Defibrillator Machines
AED Defibrillator Machines
  • Philips HeartStart Onsite HS1

  • Philips HeartStart FRx

  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5

  • Defibtech Lifeline View AED

  • Mediana HeartOn A10 AED

  • Mediana HeartOn A15 AED

  • Nihon Kohden Cardiolife 3100K

  • Nihon Kohden Cardiolife 2152K

  • Zoll AED Pro

  • Zoll AED Plus

  • HeartSine Samaritan PAD 350P

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Over the years Gulf AED has partnered with many reputed suppliers, contractors, resellers in the region. We have participated in development of several mega projects in middle east by supplying AED Machines and Accessories. We are proud to share 'Heart Safe City' vision to improve survival rates during cardiac arrest. The 'Heart Safe City' initiative that was launched in 2019 in collaboration with Philips and Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) aimed to combine education, training and technology for an integrated customized solution to increase survival rates in sudden cardiac arrest.


If you are looking to buy a brand new or a refurbished AED defibrillator machine in Saudi Arabia (KSA), Gulf AED offers a wide range of AED machines with best online prices. Our expert sales team can recommend the best AED machine for your need and answer all your questions.

For more details on international shipping, please contact us at


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